Welcome to Calvary Chapel Glendale

Pastor Art Olguin

Art and his wife Berjuke were first called to serve in the Children’s Ministry from infants & toddlers to 3 year-olds and then onto a Compassion Ministry serving the spiritual needs at various convalescent homes.

Long before Art & Berjuke were married, God protected and prepared their hearts for a ministry that would fill the gap from their previous Church Ministry experience. “When our feet hit the road, we were off & running and it has been non-stop ever since!”

Berjuke grew-up in an environment that called for emotional strength beyond any normal woman would require. From Iraq to Lebanon and then from Lebanon to Greece, and finally after two years of relocating, Berjuke’s Armenian family immigrated to New York. Never intending to settle in NYC, they traveled to Hollywood, California. Berjuke was 17 years old when she first arrived in the U.S. with her mother, sister and two brothers. She married at the age of 19. Fifteen years later, after becoming a proud U.S. Citizen; the Lord gave her a renewed spirit to endure a new life as a widow with 2 children; her daughter Anita and son Johnny.

Art, on the other hand was your typical Southern California dreamer. A remnant in the last days of the “Hippie Culture” surfing & hanging out at Seal Beach. Stepping into pot-holes every chance he could and when the smoke cleared, he usually found himself in a place of pain & suffering rather than the peace & love spoken about in the music of his generation. A survivor of an early mid-life crisis relationship, having two of his own children, Sarah & Jonas, Art met Berjuke. He was the first in this new-found relationship to say “I love you”, but she said, “I don’t.” Not long after she said, “I do.”

I never thought of being rejected would turn out to be so life changing. But, since 4/13/2013, we received the blessing from the Lord, to shepherd Calvary Chapel Glendale, California. CC Glendale is a simple humble body of men, women & children. We follow traditional church doctrine,  faithful Christ believing, Christ loving, and God fearing fellowship hungry for God’s Word. We are headstrong for the Lord and eager to study His Word, verse by verse, chapter by chapter, book by book, precept upon precept. It is our hope to become spiritually equipped and ready to share the Gospel message to anyone who would listen!

The Spirit of a man is the Lamp of the Lord

Searching all the inner depths of his heart.

Proverbs 20:27